The Cook Islands Biosecurity Service operates very strict biosecurity procedures at all sea ports. The Biosecurity Service focus is to manage biosecurity risk by monitoring, inspections and management of regulated items to prevent the introduction of unwanted pests and diseases of plants and animals. A regulated item is any item which is likely to pose a biosecurity risk to the Cook Islands and can include sea vessels, equipment, fresh produce, meat, live animals and plants.

All vessels sailing to the Cook Islands including yachts, pleasure craft, fishing boats, cruise ships, containerized boats, and other vessels need to meet a number of obligations prior to and on arrival to ensure Cook Island’s environment, economy and people are protected from imported pests and diseases. We love to have visitors in the Cook Islands and to help us protect our wonderful natural environment; there are some very strict requirements around animal and plant products. Please ensure that you meet all of our requirements for a smooth visit and quick clearance when you first arrive.

Port of Entry

Where can I enter?

Ports of entry conduct the daily, port-specific operations like vessel clearance, processing passengers arriving from abroad, clearance and inspection of cargoes and other duties associated with imports. Ports of entry are the level at which biosecurity enforces import and export laws and regulations. All vessels arriving in the Cook Islands must arrive at one of the following nominated Customs Ports of Entry: Under the Biosecurity Act 2008, Part 2 section 10 (1-10) the Director for Biosecurity will designate points of entry for sea ports where regulated articles may enter the Cook Islands. (Not all ports are yet designated port of entry under the Act). If, through an emergency, you have landed at a different place than planned, you must advise Biosecurity Service at the earliest and also alert Cook Islands Customs.


Port Location
Avarua Wharf* Rarotonga Island
Avatiu Wharf* Rarotonga Island
Arutanga Wharf* Aitutaki Island
Taunganui Wharf* Atiu Island
Tukao Wharf Manihiki Island
Tauhunu Wharf Manihiki Island
Omoka Wharf Penryhn Island
Yato Wharf Pukapuka Island