Welcome To Ministry of Agriculture Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for agricultural development, legislation and sustainability in the Cook Islands.

We trust that you will find the information contained on this site helpful. Should you wish to know more, please contact the undersigned directly or any of the heads of divisions whose contacts you will find herein.

We are a small team striving to improve our standards and service delivery, and would welcome contributions on aspects that you feel we could improve on.

Our Purpose & Mission

The purpose of the Ministry of Agriculture is two-fold:

  1. enact all agricultural legislation pertaining to the export and import of plants and plant products, animals and animal products, so as to maximise the contribution of the sector to the country’s economic development while at the same time safeguarding its fragile environment from the intrusion of unwanted pests and diseases; and
  2. implement Government policy relating to agriculture sector development under its economic sustainability goal.
For the country to be self sufficient in food and livestock production to the extent possible, and to be relatively free of serious plant and animal pests and diseases.