Market Bulletin 02/18

Introduction: Our market bulletin helps inform vendors, farmers and consumers the types of fresh produce sold on the month by its total value in $NZ, price and weight so that producers can meet certain demand for consumer needs at the best price. For further information, contact the Department of Policy on phone number 28711 or email us at


Market Bulletin for the Month of February 2018

Root Crop sales: As expected from last month Taro has increased in demand at an average price of $5.44 per kilo for the first time over- taking Cassava. Taro and Cassava still remain on top of the lists from last month and with an increase in price of $0.95. Ginger have slowed down and still appears since January at the market with a price of $7.75 per bag and Turmeric fallen out of the top 5 race, however it showed little interest to the producer and the consumer. Limitation: It is important to note that other root crops were surveyed but could not be tabulated above as it did not meet the 80% representation for analysis.




Fruits Sales: Fruit remains popular on the Punanga Nui market and dragon fruit have shown an increase on this month of February even though the season had started in December. Banana and drinking nut, dragon fruit, avocado, papaya, cucumber and capsicum ranked the most popular fruits to the consumer in terms of price as demand for them remains constant. Drinking Nut was sold at an average price of $3.43 per nut, compared to the high prices sold at the hotels, while Punanga Nui Market is where you find cheaper produce due to multiple vendors all selling similar fruits which cuts other prices. Banana still remain on the high, and consistent throughout the year with an average price at $4.00 per hands.  Papaya has slowed down in supply this month of February with $1.93 per fruit and avocado still maintaining its appearance on an average price $2.50 per fruit.  The amount of information collected in fruit sales at the market has been high.  It is as expected; that some commodities in the coming month will end its season and replaced by other fruits.



Vegetables Sales: This month the supply of Pak Choy has increased in quantity at $5.00 per bag as conditions are flavourable to leafy crops. Some vegetables such as Rukau and Lettuce had shown a slight increase in quantity and their appearances are due to heavy rain in the last couple of weeks. Other vegetables surveyed could not be tabulated for analysis, it is important for producers to note that these are expected to appear more on the market as we enter into the rainy season.  The table shows, Rukau is sold at an impressive value of $10.00 average price at 0.9kg average weight, compared to Pak choi sold at $5.00 average price with an average weight of 1kg a bag.  Since Rukau is a traditional crop to the Pacific, and highly nutritious, the demand for Rukau has been constant for this month of February and is expected to be available on the market throughout the coming season.