Market Bulletin 07/17

Introduction: Our market bulletin helps informs vendors, farmers and consumers the types of fresh produce sold on the month by its total value in $NZ, price and weight so that producers can meet certain demand for consumer needs at the best price.  For further information, contact the Department of Policy on phone number 28711 or email us at

Market Bulletin for the Month of June 2017


Root Crop sales: Taro has again maintained the highest demand root crop at $5.50 per kilo, while cassava increased from $3.66 per kilo in May to $5.00 per kilo in June. Ginger has again made its appearance since March at the market with a price of $6.00 per 1kg bag while Turmeric has fallen out of the race, however it showed little interest to the producer and the consumer.  Limitation: It is important to note that other root crops were surveyed but could not be tabulated above as it did not meet the 80% representation for analysis.



Fruits Sales: Fruits are again the most present commodity at the Punanga Nui market. Drinking nut, banana, papaya and lemon ranked the most popular fruits to the consumer in terms of price as demand for them remains constant.  Papaya have maintained its demand from the previous months as it appears to slow down in the month of May and is still declining in quantity in June. Drinking nut and banana has remained on an average price $3.00 to $4.00 at a common value throughout the previous months.  There is high respect on the amount of information collected in fruit sales at the market.  It is as expected; some of the commodities in the top ten lists will end its season and will drop out from the race, replaced by another commodity fruit as we are in the mid-winter season. It may be of interest to the producers to visit the Ministry for more information on what fruits is expected as we enter into the next season of 2017.



Vegetables Sales: Some vegetables have made its appearance again after falling out in the past months.  Similar to the root crop sale, an 80% representation for Rukau, long beans, Pak-choy, lettuce and cucumber were present again in the month of June, meaning at each day of sale on each week for the month of June, the five (5) commodities was available at the market. Other vegetables surveyed could not be tabulated for analysis, it is important for producers to note that these are expected to appear more on the market as we enter into the next season, into the month of July to August.  Vegetables like cabbages and others are expected and is yet to appear on the market.  The table shows, Rukau is sold at an impressive value of $10.00 average price at 1kg average weight, compared to pakchoi sold at $4.80 average price with an average weight of 1.2kg a bag.  Since Rukau is a traditional
crop to the Pacific, and highly nutritious, the demand for Rukau has been constant in the previous months
from January to May and is expected to be available on the market throughout the coming season.